NHSC, Inc. Online Courses


1. Follow this link above to register with the FDIC web system for either english or spanish. Please remember to write down your username and password.

2. During the registration process DO NOT click "Individual."

3. Under the "Organization" field copy and paste this: NHSC, Inc.

4. Once you log-in, the Adult Course should load by default; however, if the young adult course loads then choose "Go to Adult Course" at the bottom of the screen.

5. Click on "Bank On It" to begin.

*If your computer is unable to access the new CBI version (English), then please visit the previous version (English).

Money Smart For Adults

An FDIC Financial Education Program

The Money Smart Computer-Based Instruction (CBI) is an easy-to-use tool to learn more about basic personal financial management. The newly enhanced english version of adult CBI features a game-based learning design of 11 modules. Each module can generally be completed within 30 minutes. Successful completion of a module will earn the user an FDIC certificate of completion for that module.

If you are accessing the CBI from a slow internet connection, you may experience brief response delays. For optimum CBI viewing we suggest a set of minimum computer requirements.

If you need to stop the online CBI program while in progress the program will remember where you stopped, once you log back in.

Course Cost: FREE

Access the CBI version of Money Smart:

  1. Enter Money Smart CBI Online (English)

                        newly enhanced

  1. Entra en Money Smart CBI Online (Spanish)